Designer. Maker. Upcycler.

I’m a Toronto based furniture designer/maker and upcycler with a love for wood and junk.

Primarily working with reclaimed wood and found objects/materials, I combine them in innovative and unexpected ways to create unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces that place emphasis on aesthetics in addition to function, all while rooted in a process of sustainability. I value the practice of upcycling; it allows everything old to become new again.

In addition to upcycling, another core value of mine is similar to the recent revival in some culinary circles, that is the practice of ‘nose to tail’ eating: eating all of the animal so nothing is wasted. Similarily, I believe in using all of my materials, from wood chips, to branches, and everything in between.

Custom orders/commissions welcome. In addition, if you have something you’d like to give new life to, I can be of service.

Email: or use the form here.

Photography: Celia Moase Photography